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 Major Changes to FL

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PostSubject: Major Changes to FL   Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:08 pm

OK folks Major changes have happened, ALL TV Tapings and live TV show shall and will be shown to NON VIP members, a new sports streams section has been created for this, this has been done to create more site traffic as it was pointed out to me, Raw etc is shown on normal TV in America so it should be available to all here

However PPVs will still be to VIP members ONLY! you want in? post more! This saturday i hope to stream both UFC83 and The Calzagie Boxing event so you will be spoilt for choice

NO REQUESTS IN THAT SECTION - Most shows will be shown, i want no 'can we get tonights Raw?' Will result in a ban

Any complaits about this or comments?
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Major Changes to FL
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